This process is fast and efficient and can be run from one trading terminal.

What is Multi-Account Manager (MAM)?

Multi-account manager refers to the software integrated into MT4 that allows money managers to bulk order to an unlimited number of accounts. Run processes fast and efficiently from one trading terminal.

The MAM software communicates directly with our MetaTrader 4 server for all assignment settings. This means that money managers only have to worry about dealing with MetaTrader 4 master accounts, and MAM software handles the rest of the process seamlessly.

This software is ideal for traders and money managers leveraging Expert Advisors (EA) as it can manage multiple accounts with just one interface to enhance the capabilities of the MetaTrader 4 platform. Large orders can be placed from your master account with a single click, using a preset allocation method. Thousands of accounts can be traded with just one click, with virtually no extra latency.


Benefits and Features of Multi-Account Manager (MAM)

What can I trade with MAM / PAMM?


Spread is only 0.7 pips

Gold and silver transactions


Minimum spread is 0.0

Can be traded from multiple currencies


Can be traded from various crude oils

The fee is 0 yen

Stock CFDs

14 Mainstream Stocks

No transaction fees

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